As well as volunteering with us and/or sponsoring a child you can make a donation to our project!

As one of our recent volunteers stated “what’s been achieved so far its absolutely remarkable.” We like to think so but there is so much more to do in partnership with the local community in Ruhanga to ensure that children not only have a worthwhile education but there are other facilities available to help promote a healthier and safer lifestyle.

Thanks to the generosity of donors such as yourself we have built and secured a safe, all year round water supply for the village, distributed hundreds of mosquito nets, are currently building a community health clinic to address local health care needs and are looking to continue to enhance the school facilities for the children.

Every donation makes a real difference and every penny of it does straight to the school and community. We have no admin fees nor expensive offices to maintain so you know that whatever donation you make to our UK registered charity goes directly to those who need it most.

Please help our ongoing work by making a donation today. Its as simple as A, B, C! Thank-you.


We are currently building a not-for-profit vocational training centre to teach young school leavers some business skills and a trade, so they can start up their own small enterprise